Parking & Information

Main Street Barberton welcomes you to come out to Tuscarawas and 2nd! Here’s what you need to know to plan a fun and memorable visit.
A map graphic outlining the boundaries of the DORA district boundaries in Barberton, Ohio.

Where to Park

  • Northeast corner of Fifth Street NW/W. Tuscarawas
  • Northwest corner of Fifth Street NW/W. Tuscarawas
  • North side of Wooster Road W between Fourth Street NE and Sixth Street NE
  • Southwest corner of Second Street NW/Wooster Road W.
  • Southeast corner of Second Street NW/Wooster Road W.
  • First Street NW between W. Paige and W. Park Avenues
  • Lot on north side of the street between Second Street NW and Third Street NW
  • Northwest corner of Second Street NW/W. Paige Avenue
  • North side of W. Hopocan Avenue between Newell Street and Wunderlich Avenue
  • Lot on the east side of 14th Street NW between W. Hopocan Avenue and Wooster Road W.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DORA, and where can I find details?

DORA (Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area) is downtown Barberton’s outdoor drinking district. See map, hours of operation and more information.

Are there any special discounts for frequenting Main Street Barberton businesses?

Yes! Visit this page to learn more about the Main Street Barberton Punch Pass and its perks.

What events are coming up downtown?

Check out the Main Street Barberton events calendar for details about upcoming events.

I have questions and/or feedback for Main Street Barberton, how can I get in contact?

We encourage you to reach out here.

How can I support Main Street Barberton?

Become a Friend, Member or Event Sponsor! Visit this page to learn about the ways you can join in our mission to revitalize downtown Barberton.

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